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Residential Deposits

New residential customers can choose to pay a $250 deposit or MPU can perform a credit check and the deposit can be based on the corresponding credit score in the chart below. The deposit covers electric, water, sewer, garbage, and internet (if your residence has been served).  


Residential Deposits  FICO Credit Score  Rating 
$0  700-850  Satisfactory 
$125  660-699  Good 
250  Less than 660  Fair/Poor 


New customers must provide the following to establish an account with MPU: 

  • If you purchased your home, please provide closing papers or a deed.  
  • If you are renting your home/apartment, please provide a current rental or lease agreement, which includes the address and signature of the landlord.  
  • Provide two forms of identification: photo ID, birth certificate, valid driver’s license, social security card, or other document validating your social security number.  
  • Same-day service is available if all service fees have been paid before 3:45 p.m. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, check, money order, or cashier’s check.  

Residential Construction Policy


Please contact the Water/Sewer Systems Director at 731-686-1537 for construction policy questions 

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