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Residential Deposits

New residential customers can choose to pay a $250 deposit or MPU can perform a credit check and the deposit can be based on the corresponding credit score in the chart below. The deposit covers electric, water, sewer, garbage, and internet (if your residence has been served).  

Residential Deposits  FICO Credit Score  Rating 
$0  700-850  Satisfactory 
$125  660-699  Good 
 $250  Less than 660  Fair/Poor 


New customers must provide the following to establish an account with MPU: 

  • If you purchased your home, please provide closing papers or a deed.  
  • If you are renting your home/apartment, please provide a current rental or lease agreement, which includes the address and signature of the landlord.  
  • Provide two forms of identification: photo ID, birth certificate, valid driver’s license, social security card, or other document validating your social security number.  
  • Same-day service is available if all service fees have been paid before 3:45 p.m. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, check, money order, or cashier’s check.  

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Residential Construction Policy


Information Required for Establishing Service to a New Residence 

  • Contact the Engineering and Operations Department to discuss electrical, water and sewer requirements by calling 731-686-1537.  
  • Pay all applicable service fees.
  • Have all electrical installations approved by the state electrical inspector.
  • Visit Electric Service Installations for more specific information. 


MPU must specify the physical location of all temporary and permanent service equipment. 

  • Temporary Service – New Home Construction
    MPU does not provide temporary service poles normally used during the construction of a new home. Such equipment must be provided by the homeowner or contractor. 
  • Temporary Service – Commercial or Industrial Construction
    MPU does not provide temporary service poles normally used during the construction of a new business. Such equipment must be provided by the contractor. MPU will install one service drop from existing electrical facilities at no cost to customer. 

If temporary service for commercial or industrial construction requires the construction of new electrical facilities in excess of one service drop, MPU will charge the up and down labor costs and associated overheads for all primary lines installed to provide service to customer-owned temporary construction poles. There will be no charge for materials if normal types of temporary service lines are utilized and if said lines are retired within a reasonable time (normally one year). 

Multiple services will be C.T. metered at one central point (transformer pole) if possible. 

Temporary service lines will be installed using overhead conductors from MPU as long as voltage drop and code clearances are observed. Consideration must be given to maintaining a clear travel way and operating room for large construction equipment (dozers, cranes, etc.), with a minimum vertical clearance of 18 feet required over roads, travel ways and the construction zone. 

The customer may elect to bring customer-owned individual underground service conductors from each load back to a central switch gear point, with MPU providing one metered service drop to the switch gear. All customer-owned wiring must be approved by the Deputy Electrical Inspector, including underground conduit and service conductors. 




  • Overhead Primary and/or Service
    If no existing electrical facilities are available, MPU will install up to two spans of overhead single-phase primary, one span of overhead secondary and one span of service. MPU’s capital contribution toward electric facilities will be limited to 7 years Revenue Less Power Cost (RLPC). Customer will be responsible for any amounts greater than 7 years RLPC. MPU will specify the routing of all new lines, following the shortest and most direct path. Primary and/or service extensions in excess of the above described must be paid for at full installed cost by the customer.
  • Underground Primary and/or Service
    If single-phase underground facilities are desired by customer and approved by MPU, customer must pay the difference in cost (including transformer and labor costs) between the overhead and the underground construction. All circuit lengths in excess of the overhead allotment must be paid in full.
    MPU will provide underground service conductor from existing overhead or pad mount transformers to the nearest point of attachment for free. An additional “per foot” service fee must be paid for underground services in excess of the nearest point of attachment.
    The underground primary and service lines and conduits must be installed in compliance with MPU underground installation specifications. Please contact MPU Engineering and Operations Department for current underground installation specifications. 


  • Electrical Wiring and Inspections 
    All electrical wiring must meet the minimum standards set forth by the National Electrical Code, as well as any requirements set forth by the City of Milan or MPU. Electrical permits may be purchased via the State of Tennessee online at http://core.tn.gov or at Ace Hardware in Jackson, Tennessee by calling 731-300-3222. 
  • Prior to MPU doing any work on-site, customer will need to satisfy the following issues:

    • Application for new electric service
      • Items needed for application
        • 911 address
        • Septic Tank Inspection (if applicable)
        • $25 Service Charge
        • Deposit – No more than $250 (subject to credit check)
        • 2 forms of Identification
        • Deed or Purchase Agreement
      • Easement signed by property owners (if applicable)
        • Property is deeded to (Names on Deed). All parties listed on the deed are required to sign easement(s). (MPU has a Notary Public on staff so this can be taken care of at the office when applying for service.)
      • Aid to Construction Paid
      • Right-of-Way cleared
      • Temporary Service inspected and passed
      • Forms for slab OR footer poured
      • (Special Permissions – Example, Permission for Guy Wire on adjacent property),
      • (Description of possible changes if permission is not given)

MPU will not connect electrical service lines or install metering on any service equipment until such has been inspected and approved by the Deputy Electrical Inspector (an employee of the State of Tennessee, Department of Commerce and Insurance, Division of Fire Prevention). However, should existing services be upgraded, or should repairs be required due to storm damage, MPU will reconnect said service following the purchase of the appropriate electrical permit by the homeowner/electrician. A grace period of seven days is allowed in which to have the upgraded/repaired service inspected. Should an inspection not be completed within the seven-day grace period, MPU will disconnect the service until all inspections are complete and approved. MPU will not reconnect electrical service to a building if disconnected due to a fire or at the request of the fire department until the building and its service has passed inspection by the ruling authority. A safety inspection will be required for facilities not having service for the previous 12-month period. 

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