Setup/Stop/Move Service

Information Required for Establishing Service to an Existing Residence 

  • If purchasing your home you must show closing papers. 
  • If renting your home or apartment, you must show a current lease agreement or lease papers, which includes an address and signature of landlord. 
  • Two forms of identification – photo ID, birth certificate, valid driver’s license, social security card or other document validating social security number. 
  • Same day service is available if all service fees have been paid before 3:45 p.m. Payment may be cash, check, money order, or cashier’s check. 

Information Required for Establishing Service to an Existing Residence 

  • Contact the Engineering and Operations Department to discuss electrical, water and sewer requirements. 
  • Pay all applicable service fees. 
  • Have all electrical installations approved by the state electrical inspector. 
  • Visit Electric Service Installations for more specific information.
Residential Deposits  FICO Credit Score  Rating 
$0  700-850  Satisfactory 
$125  660-699  Good 
250  Less than 660  Fair/Poor 


General Power Deposits

Not to exceed twice the highest estimated bill at requested location.

    Miscellaneous Fees 

    Connect Fee  $25.00 
    Reconnection Fee  (working hours)  $40.00 
    Reconnection Fee  (after hours)  $85.00 
    Meter Test (Single-Phase)  $70.00 
    Transfer Service Fee  $25.00 
    Returned Check Handling Charge  $36.00 

      Security Lighting

      Light Installation Fee  $25.00 
      Light & Pole Installation Fee  $100.00 
      Monthly Pole Rental
      Poles set prior to 3-01-03  $2.00
      Poles set prior to 9-30-12 $2.00
      Poles set prior to 11-01-18 $2.45
         Poles set prior to 6-14-22   $4.44

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